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Börsegasse 6/16 | A-1010 Vienna




Welcome to ALPEX GmbH!

Alpex GmbH, situated in the Austrian capital Vienna, is a trading company specialized in meat and diary products

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. Its longtimed employees are glad to assist you as food exporter and food retailer to member states of the European Union, Eastern Europe as well as Asia and Africa.

The long-standing cooperation with several national and foreign slaughtering- and cuttingplants allow us an efficient and targeted open market operation to satisfy our clients high requirements.

We are proud to be a reliable partner in this fast-growing industry, to move with the times and do not shrink from changes

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. Trust is our directive!


The many years of logistics experience guarantee you an in-time loading and confidental export-handling.

We are endeavored to offer you the best conditions for full and part loads

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. We help our clients to find the right product for their markets for the right price, while we attempt to care for an in-time delivery.

Alpex GmbH trained employees recognize the problems before they occur and start to counteract.

Contact Persons

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Through our multilingual experienced employees we aspire to process your request in your respective national language.

Contact us, we are glad to advise!


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Börsegasse 6/16
A-1010 Vienna (Austria)

Tel.: +43 1 961 82 32
Email: office@alpex.co.at

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